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The Motion Sick: Coffee!

This relatively short image/text blog featured earlier in December explains the writer’s affinity for coffee. I experienced a relatively similar progression with coffee (without however the trip to Paris or living in NYC), so I very much appreciated the coffee-stained … Read More

The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick makes Ryan’s Smashing Life: Best of 2008 list

The ever-awesome Ryan’s Smashing Life has included us on his list of the best 20 albums of 2008 along with Portishead, Ben Folds, She and Him, The Kooks, and a bunch of other great artists! http://ryanssmashinglife.blogspot.com/2008/12/20-new-albums-you-need-to-own-in-2008.html -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-The Motion Sick Blog … Read More

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