Launch Over: Launch Over Boston Music is Now Taking Music Licensing Submissions

Hello Friends,

I have been working for a while to get the ball rolling on Launch Over Boston Music, a boutique music licensing venture focusing almost exclusively on Boston bands. The idea is to gather a catalog of local music available for various music licensing opportunities including TV, movies, web, in-store, and just about anything else you can imagine.

The idea really evolved from my work getting placements for my own band, The Motion Sick. I spend a great deal of time seeking opportunities and cultivating relationships with music supervisors to find placements for our music (placements have already included TV, video games, an exercise DVD, commercials, and more). About 95% of the opportunities I hear about don’t match with the music we’re making, which always makes me wish I had access to a wider catalog. That’s what Launch Over Boston is all about.

There are so many great bands in Boston and just about every day, I discover more. It makes me think that we’ve really got a hidden gem here. So, I hope to make the most of my music licensing efforts by also working to represent other great area acts.

Submission is free and does not commit you to anything. We follow pretty conventional music licensing standards with very artist-friendly agreements.  All of our agreements are non-exclusive, 50/50 split of both upfront and PRO money resulting from any placement Launch Over Boston makes (it won’t affect any other use of the song or radio or anything like that).

For those of you who understand a little more about this kind of stuff, the PROs are typically handled by registering the song under a unique title, so there is no confusion with anything you might do with the song. My intention is to offer immediate termination options as one choice (for anyone who wants out or to sign an exclusive deal, etc.) excluding transactions already in progress with the song.

If you’re interested in submitting or finding out more information, send an e-mail to mike -a-t- launchover -d-o-t- com or talk to me on Facebook at:

We look for specific things in licensable music and these specifics don’t always match our personal tastes or aestethics. Recordings must be high quality (typically not home recordings unless they are very well done), should probably be mastered, and most importantly, must have vocals that are in tune (we are also very interested in instrumentals) – this means you either have to be a REALLY exceptional singer or the vocals had to have been tuned. There is not much flexibility in this. It’s not our choice so much as this is really just a standard industry requirement.

Our web site is coming soon at: