Berklee Pulse Banded Recap! The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library premieres “Faith in Free”

We just wanted to pass along a huge thanks to Berklee Pulse for including us in the BANDED project. We’ve spent the last six months or so being followed as we wrote, developed, received expert faculty coaching for, and premiered our three-song ballet-accompaniment piece “Faith in Free” in two spaces. We really want to thank them for including us in this project (which isn’t quite over yet!) and we really look forward to seeing the final documentary film that is in development. We were really excited to see the premiere of teaser footage from the shoots. We want to thank everyone involved with the project, particularly Linda Chase, who helped us explore our musical influences and ideas and helped a lot with the arrangement of the instrumental breakdown in “Faith in Free Part III.” We very much look forward to sharing more about this project as things progress!!!

Photo by James R. Marcus

On 10/6, we played the showcase show for this project and all of the bands involved (Zili Misik, AloudGhost Box Orchestra, and Tumbleweed Company) premiered their works. We want to specifically thank our guest singers who helped us present FIF exactly how we wanted! As we are a library, we also let each of them take out one book from our stacks for an extended period. Here’s who they were and the books they chose!

Kimberly Miller
Haiti, After the Earthquake
by Paul Farmer

Melissa Zeigler
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
by Milan Kundera

Mali Sastri
Extra-Terrestrials on Earth
by Joshua Strickland

Jada Willard
Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective
by Earl Rubington and Martin S. Weinberg

(No image)

Hthaiwon Layne
The Homemaker’s Guide Book

Leilani Roser
Does Anything Eat Wasps
…And 101 other Unsettling,Witty Answers to QuestionsYou Never Thought You Wanted to Ask

by New Scientist

Photo by James R. Marcus

Photo by James R. Marcus

Photo by James R. Marcus

Photo by James R. Marcus

Photo by James R. Marcus

Photo by James R. Marcus

Photo by James R. Marcus

While we didn’t film any of the night ourselves, here’s some video captured by Melodymatters on Youtube
In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the trailer for the showcase featuring a song by a very familiar band!

…and enjoy this unfinished preview of our piece, “Faith in Free”

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