The Motion Sick’s “Losing Altitude” featured on PBS’s History Detectives

Starting at 16:23, you can hear The Motion Sick‘s “Losing Altitude” Video: Season 9 Propaganda Leaflet,Tiffany Window & Spanish Civil War Eulogy Watch the full episode. See more History Detectives. Losing Altitude by The Motion Sick

Strange Vids Featuring TMS: Opposites and “Losing Altitude”

I’ll let the “filmmaker’s” words say it all: “Opposites exist in this world and whether its chaos and order or sadness and happiness they exist and we need to understand that without one thing the other would not exist.” Well, also, The Motion Sick’s “Losing Altitude”

The Motion Sick: “Losing Altitude” on the TV Show Roadtrip Nation

“Losing Altitude (instrumental)” is featured on the 8th 2008 episode of the TV show Roadtrip Nation. Skip to 20 minutes if you just want to see the part with the song… See the video here. -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-The Motion Sick Blog –

The Motion Sick: We’re on Roadtrip Nation again!

Episode 8 of PBS show Roadtrip Nation includes “Losing Altitude” by The Motion Sick. Video is not yet available, but we’ll post it when it is… -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-The Motion Sick Blog –