Quiet Desperation Act 3 Episode 1 – Sophia and Michael visit Rob at the Brighton Wellness Center

Quiet Desperation Act 3 is here! We’ve made some cameos in episodes of Quiet Desperation previously, but the latest one includes Sophia and I visiting Rob at the Brighton Wellness Center, trying to cheer him up by bringing him his favorite action figure, Admiral Ackbar, and singing him a little song.

Travis Simpkins draws Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola – sells prints

Travis Simpkins delighted us a few months ago with an illustration of Michael and I in our various attires for three of our bands: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, and Space Balloons. Here’s his blogpost on how he found us and what …

DNFMOMD: December 2nd @ Middle East Downstairs!

We’re super excited to be playing this show celebrating Rob Potylo’s new CD _Something happened at Horse Lake_ and the debut of Quiet Desperation (which we have had small cameo roles on) on TV – more info at December 2, 2010 The Middle East Downstairs Rob Potylo CD Release,Planetoid, Mellow Bravo,DNFMOMDMC’d by Mehran

Quiet Desperation Episodes 18 and 19 – DNFMOMD: Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble PARODY, April 29th at Great Scott (presented by Quiet Desperation)

Rob Potylo has shed his Robbie Roadsteamer moniker and character, but he still has feet in both the local worlds of comedy and music. Rob has been busy making a crazy reality sitcom about the arts scene (and his life) in Allston – he’s up to 19 episodes! You can …