Quiet Desperation Act 3 Episode 1 – Sophia and Michael visit Rob at the Brighton Wellness Center

Quiet Desperation Act 3 is here! We’ve made some cameos in episodes of Quiet Desperation previously, but the latest one includes Sophia and I visiting Rob at the Brighton Wellness Center, trying to cheer him up by bringing him his favorite action figure, Admiral Ackbar, and singing him a little song.

Quiet Desperation Episodes 18 and 19 – DNFMOMD: Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble PARODY, April 29th at Great Scott (presented by Quiet Desperation)

Rob Potylo has shed his Robbie Roadsteamer moniker and character, but he still has feet in both the local worlds of comedy and music. Rob has been busy making a crazy reality sitcom about the arts scene (and his life) in Allston – he’s up to 19 episodes! You can …