The Motion Sick: Advice on How to Write a Good Short Story From Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut wrote some great shorts stories.  I think perhaps my favorite is the story “Welcome to the Monkey House” from the collection Welcome to the Monkey House.  Anyway, here’s how he did it: -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- The Motion Sick Blog –

The Motion Sick: Jon Stewart on Palin (or other people on Palin)

I love when they do this stuff… -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- The Motion Sick Blog –

The Motion Sick: Chinatown / The Combat Zone

After walking around in Chinatown and the former “combat zone” area with my visiting sister, I came across this interesting video that outlines some of the areas history.  Some interesting politics involved.   -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- The Motion Sick Blog –

The Motion Sick: Myq Kaplan is funny…

If you like smart comedy, check out this former Bostonian (now a New Yorker).  I ran into him on the street last week and remembered how funny he is and searched out some video evidence. His profile on myspace: Myq Kaplan at the Comedy Studio -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-The Motion Sick Blog …

The Motion Sick: Monkeys

I’ve always thought monkeys were really awesome. I’ve got a bunch of monkey stuffed animals, I bought a giant inflatable monkey for last week’s Splash Wednesday show…everyone asked me what the monkey had to do with the beach. I told them to shut up. Anyway, I’ve seen more proof that …