Evil Stew’s “Planchette” featuring Sophia and Michael now available streaming on Amazon and YouTube! [short film won “Outstanding Original Song” and “Outstanding Sound Design” at the Boston Indie Mafia Wicked Film Challenge]
post   We are excited to announce that “Planchette” is an official selection of several film festivals! Planchette Official Site About the production: “Planchette” still Sophia and Michael took part in Evil Stew’s Wicked Film Challenge entry, … Read More

Sophia and Michael work on Glossary of Broken Dreams – out now!

GLOSSARY OF BROKEN DREAMS A film paved with good intentions Directed by Johannes GrenzfurthnerPlot Outline: Puppets! Pixels! Anime! Live action! Stock footage! Lumpennerd Johannes Grenzfurthner gives an ideotaining cinematic revue about important political concepts. Everyone is talking about freedom! Privacy! Identity! Resistance! The … Read More

Sophia and Michael on Horror Talk with Kristin West premieres 4/19/19!

  Sophia and Michael sat down for an interview with Horror Talk with Kristin West to talk about Clickbait and filmmaking while attending the FANtastic Horror Festival in San Diego! The episode premieres Friday, April 19th!

Night Kisses Scores

Night Kisses is our music composition collective, and we are available to score short and feature films. All of the places to hear / buy the Clickbait score! Blood of the Tribades by Night Kisses featuring Catherine Capozzi and Michael … Read More

Michael’s Favorite Films of 2018

Here’s a list of some of the 2018 (going with wide release year rather than fest release year, generally) films I really enjoyed, and of course, there are plenty of acclaimed 2018 films I haven’t seen yet. You can also … Read More

Sophia and Michael’s 2018 in Review

What was 2018? Who knows? We shaved the sides of our heads. We had a busy year; probably our biggest news this year was finishing Clickbait, bringing it to festivals, and signing a distribution deal for it to come out … Read More

Movies Diary

In 2018, we started keeping a record of all of the movies we see. It’s logged on Letterboxd, and here:

Sophia & Michael give an extensive interview about Clickbait to Nasty Neal of Without Your Head at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

Sophia & Michael give an extensive interview about Clickbait to Nasty Neal of Without Your Head at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival. More on our visit to Buffalo:   They also mention us in the episode recap at … Read More

Michael’s Stock Photo Model Adventures!

I’ve ended up as the subject of a stock photo a couple of times (one major one without signing a release, but probably not worth doing anything about it). For your amusement…  

Clickbait featured on In the Mouth of Dorkness podcast – interview with Sophia, Michael, Jeremy Long, and Tyler Sage
post We had the glorious pleasure of sitting down with “Indie Dork” immediately after the world premiere of Clickbait at GenreBlast! We got to talk about the movie, about Toot Strudels, and about how fun it was to be … Read More

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