Sophia and Michael’s 2020 in Review

2020. Well, it’s over. We could go on forever about all of the horrible suffering, much of it due to neglect, failure, and maliciousness, but we’ll try and reflect on the positive things we personally found and did in a … Read More

Michael appears on the Flush Studios Podcast

I had a fantastic time chatting with Josh Stifter of Flush Studios (check out their Patreon) about a variety of things, including being creative during the pandemic. Check it out! Flush Studios Podcast · Filmmaker/Musician Michael J Epstein

Launch Over Podcast Episode 1 – August 7, 2020

Launch Over Podcast Episode 1 – August 7, 2020 Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein of Launch Over share insights into the creative process, discussing and analyzing the movies they watch and the movies they make. [ Without Your Head … Read More

Sophia is included in book 1000 Women in Horror

Sophia was interviewed for the new book, 1000 Women in Horror 1895-2018 by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas.  It is available in hardcover and paperback. Blowing a kiss back through time and space from Aaliyah to Jill Rae Zurborg, 1000 Women in Horror, … Read More

Sophia and Michael produce horror-comedy short, Half-Cocked – playing at festivals now!
Post We had the pleasure of producing Aaron Barrocas’s horror-comedy short, Half-Cocked! Alamo Drafthouse Winchester Presents GenreBlast Shorts Showcase #1 – Online Starting June 23, 2020 Alamo Drafthouse Winchester Presents GenreBlast Shorts Showcase #1 from GenreBlast Film Festival on Vimeo. … Read More

Bring Us Your Women – the music and film!

Sophia and Michael are featured on the new Bring Us Your Women album, a project led by Catherine Capozzi. The album release also coincides with a film anthology, with a short film by one of 13 filmmakers from around the … Read More

Sophia and Michael’s 2019 in Review

2019! Weird year. We drove our van cross-country to pick up the last of our possessions in Boston and then we took up permanent residence in Hollywood (moving out of Los Feliz). We shot a lot of movies, and we … Read More

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