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Darling Pet Munkee’s CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE: MONSTER S-I-Z-E MONSTERS and Genuine Soil From Dracula’s Castle hosted by Dayla, Mistress of the Munkee

Welcome to Darling Pet Munkee‘s Watch Dayla, Mistress of the Munkee host this double-header of terror and suspense! FEATURING:  MONSTER S-I-Z-E MONSTERS and Genuine Soil From Dracula’s Castle Full Playlist Link Individual Videos Dalya, Mistress of the Munkee Part 1 MONSTER … Read More

TEN: a movie trailer for the Brattle Theatre Trailer Smackdown 2012

We are currently raising money via Kickstarter to make this into a feature film: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaeljepstein/ten-b-movie-psychological-thriller-full-of-twists We were psyched to see this screen at: Brattle screening at Trailer Treats! We didn’t win the TEN trailer competition (audience voting), but this might be even … Read More