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Sick 'n' Wrong 72-Hour Debacle Film challenge, "I thought his name was Blarche"
Sophia and Michael interviewed for Micro-Budget Marauders: Micro-Budget Mentality documentary
Mythophilia included in 2020 anthology Philia! (originally Leopard Parts I and II - world premiere at GenreBlast - Best Actor Nomination for Michael)
Michael appears in In The Dark (World Premiere Screening Q&A) - The Fears And Nightmares Of Indie Horror Film Makers (trailer out)
Sophia and Michael interviewed by Killer Shorts about working with Aaron Barrocas to bring his "Sitting Duck" to life
Bloodhound and Weekend Vampire on UK TV on Latest Visions
Michael visits The Grim and Bloody Podcast to talk Clickbait and more!
Emilie Black's You've Got Red on You 2022 Calendar
Sophia and Michael appear in Emilie Black's 2022 "You Got Red On You" calendar
Sophia and Michael collaborate with Friday Night Films / Jim McDonough and Tim Tate on "Darling Pet Monkey" - the true story of a mail-order monkey!
Sitting Duck Poster
Sophia and Michael produce Aaron Barrocas's Sitting Duck, at festivals now. Trailer out!
Sick 'n' Wrong 72-Hour Debacle Film challenge, Murderous Space F************s
The Transformations of the Transformations of the Drs. Jenkins - World Premiere GenreBlast 9/4/2021 - Winner of the GenreBlast Forever Award!
Sophia is on the Shrimp Night podcast with Bob Rose!
Sophia and Michael are on the A Degree Absolute! podcast talking about their love of The Prisoner and their band, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
Michael is on the Shrimp Night podcast!
Sophia revisits the movie Pi on podcast, The Hold-Up with Stephen Stull
Michael is featured in documentary, Microbudget Marauders 3, now streaming on Plex
Launch Over Podcast: Episode 12 – June 25, 2021
Fat Fleshy Fingers - Sophia & Michael part of a Sick n Wrong Anthology film - crowdfunding now
Too Young for this Sh!t PODCAST has Sophia on to discuss Predator (1987)
Michael revisits Conan the Destroyer on podcast, The Hold-Up with Stephen Stull
Demon For Hire - crowdfunding now - Sophia is cinematographer/Michael is sound
Quotes from Michael appear in Free Lunch: a quarterly memo on the state of global affairs!
Michael appears on Hellbender Media's The Creative Draw
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling covers INXS "Don't Change" for The April Fifth Project
Bring Us Your Women: EP release with songs Medusa, Hypatia, Leizu! Medusa features Sophia Cacciola!
Free Uncensored Radio Show 1994-2000
Sophia and Michael talk to J. Horton on the "I Make Movies that Make Money. This is How." channel about "What's a Good Future Model for Independent Film Distribution?"
Michael is a guest on the You Don't Have to Yell podcast - Bigfoot Does Not Exist | A Scientific Approach to the Issue of Voter Fraud | YDHTY, Ep. 78
Michael talks about the scientific method and his book, Bigfoot Does Not Exist, on the Haunts and Hops podcast
The Big Steep - a film about the tea genie (teanie) - made by David Whitney, Michael J. Epstein, Sophia Cacciola with a little help from Mark Brown
Michael talks to J. Horton about his crowdfunding book "Learn to Market Indie Films Better through Crowdfunding"
Sophia and Michael dance as silhouettes in The Record Summer's White Dress music video directed by Bill Moldt
Sophia and Michael talk to J. Horton on the "I Make Movies that Make Money. This is How." channel about "What's a Good Future Model for Independent Film Distribution?"
Sophia and Michael's 2020 in Review
Sophia directs Bloodhound - available on Arrow Player (An ancient vampire is stuck in the body of an angry chihuahua)
Sophia interviewed for filmmaking documentary: Microbudget Marauders Too
Sophia's vocals featured on Women of Rock Covers for the Apocalypse record
Launch Over Podcast: Episode 11 with Bob Rose - December 11, 2020
Michael makes a cameo in the St. Patrick's Day segment of Happy Horror Days (2020)
My First Horror Movie Ep. 83 w/ Sophia and Michael talking about A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and The Stuff
Launch Over Podcast: Episode 10 with Stephen Stull – November 20, 2020
Sophia and Michael appear in the Zoom film, Candemic: Secret Werewolf Saga
Launch Over Podcast: Episode 9 with Aaron Barrocas - October 23, 2020
Sophia and Michael collaborate with Without Your Head's Neal Jones on short documentary, Umbilicus Desidero
Sophia and Michael help shoot Direct To Video, a documentary about the early-mid 90's "Direct To Video" horror films - Out now!
Night Kisses Film Scores
Night Kisses: Launch Over Short Film Scores: Volume 1
Launch Over Podcast: Episode 8 with Catherine Capozzi - October 9, 2020
The Horror Anthology Handbook
Michael interviewed for The Horror Anthology Handbook out on October 27th! Pre-orders now