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Sophia and Michael produce horror-comedy short, Half-Cocked - playing at festivals now!
Sophia and Michael collaborate with Friday Night Films / Jim McDonough and Tim Tate on "Darling Pet Monkey"
Sophia and Michael on the Indie Infestation Podcast!
Clickbait Facebook watch party Q&A archive with cast and crew from 5/30 hosted by Without Your Head
Michael is the editor on the Watch Clark music video, "Consider the Titanic"
Tea Time movie poster
Sophia is cinematographer and Michael is gaffer/cam op on Tara Price's Tea Time
Sophia is cinematographer on Alice Bag "Sister Dynamite" music video
Women of Rock Oral History Project interview with Zia McCabe
Michael does audio post-production work on Manos Returns, the sequel to Manos: The Hands of Fate! Now streaming!
Sophia performed with Bring Us Your Women March 8, 2019 at The Somerville Theatre - LIVE VIDEO
Sophia, Michael, and John Campopiano interviewed by Kellen Pembleton on Kellen's Petty Talk Show podcast
Bigfoot Does Not Exist! An introduction to the fundamental principles of statistics, science, and logic by Michael J. Epstein and Elana Reiser
Bring Us Your Women - the music and film!
Sophia and Michael produce Shiny Diamonds (directed by Seth Chatfield and Toni Nagy) - playing festivals now!
Michael edits Izzy Lee's "Disco Graveyard" - playing at festivals now!
Sophia and Michael make a brief appearance in HARLEY QUINN & BIRDS OF PREY: Princess Rap Battle
Sophia and Michael collaborate with Without Your Head's Neal Jones on short documentary, Umbilicus Desidero playing at festivals worldwide!
Michael directs "Pride" segment for SINS now an early selection at Sick 'N' Wrong!
Mythophilia included in 2020 anthology Philia! (originally Leopard Parts I and II - world premiere at GenreBlast - Best Actor Nomination for Michael)
Sophia and Michael's 2019 in Review
Michael works on Princess Rap Battle - DOROTHY vs ALICE: Princess Rap Battle (Emily Kinney, Ryan McCartan, Whitney Avalon) and The Queen of Hearts vs. The Wicked Witch (Alyssa Preston, Whitney Avalon)
Show Us Your Shot - Find out how we faked a car hit in Half-Cocked over at B&H!
Michael to direct segment for the 2019 UK anthology, "I am an Addict"
The short film "Shot on RED" makes festival run
Sophia and Michael interviewed on The Joe Show
Sophia and Michael help shoot Jimmy Eat World "555" music video
Sophia contributes horror movie list to '31 Days of Terror' book!
Michael edited Izzy Lee's new weirdo existentialist film, The Obliteration of the Chickens - playing at The Boston Underground Film Festival
Clickbait is out on VOD in the US! (plus trailer and reviews!)
Sophia and Michael shot a Hollywood guerrilla music video for City Bros
Shawna Shea Film Festival 2019 includes: Half-Cocked, Re-Home, The Dial Tone of Doom, Umbilicus Desidero (Winner: Best Short Doc), and The Obliteration of the Chickens (Winner: Best Editing Short)
Sophia and Michael interviewed on Indie Infestation podcast at GenreBlast
Michael is cinematographer and editor on GreatDaeg (Daeg Faerch) "HOT AF" music video
Michael works as Production Coordinator on Whitney Avalon’s “Waiting For That Dance” (Agent Carter Avengers Endgame Song) music video
Paradise by the Primary Guidance, Navigation, And Control System Light (Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Lament) song release by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
Toot Strudels - the self-heating toaster pastry America needs!
GenreBlast 2019 recap / Q&As with The Dial Tone of Doom (Catherine Capozzi Best Score WINNER), Half-Cocked (Pat Healy Best Actor Nomination), Umbilicus Desidero (Best Micro-Short Nomination), and Re-Home (Izzy Lee Best Director Nomination)
Tales from the Grave: The Dial Tone of Doom - GenreBlast IV (Catherine Capozzi Best Score WINNER) - Aug 29-Sept 1 - Alamo Drafthouse - Winchester, VA
Evil Stew's "Planchette" featuring Sophia and Michael now available streaming on Amazon and YouTube! [short film won "Outstanding Original Song" and "Outstanding Sound Design" at the Boston Indie Mafia Wicked Film Challenge]
Sophia and Michael help shoot Direct To Video, a documentary about the early-mid 90's "Direct To Video" horror films
Michael and Sophia as Dew-Drop & Honey-Dew in Joe Bizarro's Brides of Satan!
Sophia and Michael make a cameo in Joe Bizarro's Brides of Satan!
Blood of the Tribades to receive special release in Malvolia's Movie Matinee series under the title, "Lesbos Vampyros"
Women of Rock Oral History Project interview with Toody Cole
Sophia is cinematographer and Michael is gaffer and production sound on Izzy Lee's short film, Re-Home (Next Playing GenreBlast Aug 29 - Sept 1 - Alamo Drafthouse Winchester, VA)
Michael co-authors book, How to Talk to People with Hearing Loss: what you can do to communicate better and why it really works
Clickbait featured in B&H's Show Us Your Shot series
Sophia and Michael work on Glossary of Broken Dreams - out now!
Women of Rock Oral History Project in the press
Michael directs Dirty D's "Jelly" music video. Sophia is the cinematographer.
Clickbait trailer screens at Mondo Cult Film Variety Showcase 4/27/19