Michael visits Around the Reel podcast to talk about making money with indie movies – “Make New Mistakes!”

Around The Reel – “Make New Mistakes!” with Michael J. Epstein Around The Reel

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Filmmakers! You want to make movies? You want to make movies that make money? You want to follow your dream and show all those out there that it’s possible? Well then listen to this show! Today we sit down and chat with filmmaker and overall great dude Michael J. Epstein! Now Michael has been in this industry for a long time! From his early days creating music to now a filmmaker; Michael has devoted his time, energy and talents to this craft and has honed it to do so! His knowledge and opinions on indie film resonate and honestly are in tune with the reality of this business. We discuss the indie market today, how it changes constantly, how to be an innovator, what you can do as a filmmaker to make the best movie you can and what platforms are your best chance to succeed! We had an amazing time with Michael and we know you will too! So please, enjoy our conversation with our new friend Michael J. Epstein!


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