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Check out the fascinating similarity between Eminem and Beyoncé’s “Walk on Water” (2017) and The Motion Sick’s “Walk on Water” (2008)!

Check out the fascinating similarity between Eminem and Beyoncé’s “Walk on Water” (2017) and The Motion Sick’s “Walk on Water” (2008)! The Motion Sick’s “Walk on Water” (2008) Read “Walk on Water” by The Motion Sick on Genius Eminem and Beyoncé’s “Walk … Read More

Sophia and Michael’s 2013 in Review!

Sophia & Michael hard at work 2013 was a weird and wonderful year of many projects of the film and music variety. Here is the past: 2012 Review – 2011 Review Before we get started, we made a few year-End Lists/Summaries: http://wzlx.cbslocal.com/2013/12/30/bostonemissions-favoritesoftheyear2013/ http://trainwreckdsociety.com/2014/01/ … Read More

The Motion Sick’s “Grace Kelly” now available for play in Rock Band! How do I do singing it for the first time?

UPDATE 8/9/12 – “Grace Kelly” is now available on PS3 as well as XBox (“30 Lives” is available on both as well.) A very kind review: http://www.rockbandaide.com/17070/rbn-highlights-trial-by-fire-the-motion-sick-death-of-the-cool/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rbn-highlights-trial-by-fire-the-motion-sick-death-of-the-cool http://www.rockband.com/blog/new-to-rbn-8912 We had previously unveiled “30 Lives” for Rock Band and I even gave … Read More

How Much Do You Need to Operate a Band? $100,000 to ramp an indie band to success…perhaps true, but not in the form of the unbelievably poorly conceived article on TIME

The TIME article, “Want to Be a Rock Star? You’ll Need $100,000” has been making the rounds recently and repeatedly infuriating me. Why? Well, it’s both horrific in its accuracy and its inaccuracy. The problem is, these stupid kids in … Read More

The Motion Sick’s “30 Lives” featured in the film _The Flying Scissors_ (on Netflix streaming now!)

<p><a href=”http://music.themotionsick.com/track/30-lives”>30 Lives by The Motion Sick</a></p> Very excited to say that The Motion Sick‘s song “30 Lives” appears in the film The Flying Scissors, a Christopher Guest-style mockumentary examining players in a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament.  The song appears in a … Read More

The Motion Sick’s Patrick Mussari (and daughter) featured in Kelly Davidson’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Parents Photo Exhibit

The fourth installment of photographer extraordinaire Kelly Davidson‘s Rock ‘n’ Roll Parents series, which began in 2005, features The Motion Sick‘s very own Patrick Mussari with his daughter Charlotte (seen at left on the flyer).  The photo exhibit runs for all of November … Read More

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