The Motion Sick: “Aquaman’s Lament” Acoustic Cover

I love seeing/hearing people covering our songs. This is a great acoustic cover of “Aquaman’s Lament” by a fellow in Brazil.

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  • […] The Motion Sick2010 arrived with a bang as we rocked a New Year’s eve show with The Upper Crust and the Gentlemen.  The greatest moment in my musical life arrived in early ’10 when a couple in Texas decided to use “30 Lives” as their first dance at their wedding.  How awesome is that?  (Very awesome!)  Soon after, we experienced the bloodiest rock show of 2010.  We recorded and released (to a sold-out Middle East), a lovely split 7″ with one of favoritest ever, Golden Bloom.  We covered their “Doomsday Devices” and they covered our “30 Lives” and we love it!  We also remixed, remastered, and remade better our 4 novelty songs recorded for our Ash Wednesdays residency at Church in 2008.  We also made some little cut-up videos for “Aquaman’s Lament” and “I Grew A Mustache” and had people in Brazil covering our songs. […]

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