The Motion Sick: The Rock Primary Live Videos

The votes are still being counted (also, I don’t think we actually care who won, nor do we even know what we were running for, but hey…), but the videos are in from the show!

The night opened with the lovely, catchy tunes of Sir* Leo Blais (I knighted him myself, so that may or may not count, depending on the Queen’s mood).

Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions rocked hard and rocked ’til the break of dawn, but didn’t give any advice.

The Motion Sick (that was us) played next. We had a really fun time playing and although we made some mistakes, I am posting video of the entire set here. It captures something nice about what we have been doing live (the good and bad parts) and because we only have one show left before taking a break, I figured you all deserve to see a full set, even if we’ve never been to your town.

Finally, Sidewalk Driver continued their trend of being too good for their own good. Also, they set off the smoke detector with their fog machine. That’s rock and roll!

In case you were foolish enough not to watch the campaign videos, here’s a full-on recap with commentary done by Killer Suit Pictures. We can’t thank Glenn enough for taking on this ridiculous political journey!

The Rock Primary from Killer Suit Creative Media on Vimeo.

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