Sophia and Michael’s 2013 in Review!

Sophia & Michael hard at work

2013 was a weird and wonderful year of many projects of the film and music variety.

Here is the past: 2012 Review – 2011 Review

Before we get started, we made a few year-End Lists/Summaries:

and Sophia told Trainwreckd Society what her favorite albums of 2013 were:


Sophia and Michael with Lloyd and Toxie

TEN is just about ready to debut on the festival circuit. Early 2013 saw us finish production on TEN with a day of pickup shooting, and a visit to Troma to record Lloyd Kaufman’s voice cameo for TEN

We posted many of our kickstarter rewards, including these very rewarding lipsyncs!

We also released the novelization of TEN written by Jade Sylvan!

and the TEN Soundtrack and Score by Catherine Capozzi, you can learn all about Catherine in Curve magazine!

TEN article in The Dig!

and one of our TEN stars, Molly Devon made a splash on the MTV reality show, Generation Cryo!



We couldn’t help ourselves and immediately began work on our second feature film, MAGNETIC! We began shooting at the very end of December – first four days shoot recap!


Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling had an awesome year. We released new music – our 2-song By Hook or By Crook EP was premiered by the Boston Herald.
We were very excited that USA Today premiered our “Episide 10 – Living in Harmony” music video.

And in a turn to the extremely weird, we somehow managed to convinc Sarah Rabdau to perform a cover of the song and video of Shakespears Sister’s “Stay” with us (in advance of an awesome double release party at TTs!).

Sophia terrorizing Sarah

Sophia performed as part of TT’s 40th anniversary and we got to play the Daykamp 10th Anniversary show!

Photo by Tony Sahadeo

Early in the year we were very pleased to welcome Johnny Blazes and Catherine Capozzi as new librarians!

We were selected as one of CBS’s “best local rock bands” 

Boston Does Boston – MJEML covered Gene Dante and the Future Starlets’ “A Madness to his Method” and I, Pistol covered MJEML’s “Amylee”
“Amylee” also became available for play on the Rock Band Network and Double Hex did an 8-bit cover of “Amylee”

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys covered MJEML’s “Saint of Glass Worms” (inspired by the art of Walter Sickert)

We wrote a song for Kissing Oscar Wilde (recording coming 2014) the memoir by Jade Sylvan.

“The Taming of the Spy Who Loved Me” was recorded as part of the James Bond/Hamlet sendup play, “From Denmark with Love” – it is exactly as it sounds, a Bond-style song with Shakespeare influences!

We continued our run as the house band for the Encyclopedia Show Somerville – soundtrack coming in 2014!

We started a music video for “The Violinist” and we still need your help to finish it!

We got to play awesome shows, including the Fluff FestivalJP Music FestPorchfest, and opening for the play Icarus.

We made our 2nd 48 Hour Film Project film, El Loco Ojo:

48hr Film Fest – El Loco Ojo!

Space Balloons
Our very first video, “Hovercraft Full of Eels” has been released as a preview for our full TV pilot, coming in 2014

Darling Pet Munkee

DPM on the Steve Katsos Show!

DPM played on the Steve Katsos Show and we contributed a new song to the TEN soundtrack,”Hush Little Piggies!”

The Motion Sick
The Motion Sick played a reunion show!

Selected Press

11/26/13 USAToday’s POPCANDY premieres Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling music video for “Episode 10: Living in Harmony”
11/12/13 Boston Herald premiere of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling EP “By Hook or By Crook”
11/08/13 Vanyaland premieres Sophia Cacciola/Sarah Rabdau video cover of Shakespears Sister’s “Stay”
9/10/2013 Trainwreck’d Society review of the TEN soundtrack
8/21/2013 Dig in-depth feature on TEN – TEN-acity of Purpose
8/13/2013 Boston Herald Feature on TEN
8/8/2013 Tinsel Townies Feature in the Dig – Profile on co-director Michael J. Epstein
7/1/2013 TEN Composer Catherine Capozzi featured in CURVE Magazine (with TEN mentions)
5/6/2013 IndieWire Project of the Month Finalist
4/8/2013 IndieWire Project of the Week
4/5/2013 IndieWire Project of the Week Running
4/3/2013 Life After Arcosanti
4/1/2013 IndieWire Project of the Day
4/26/2013 Cambridge Day mention
4/27/2013 Interview with Comics Bulletin
3/15/2013 The Athletic Nerd (mention)
3/15/2013 Cambridge Day mention
3/12/2013 Bloodsprayer Bloodlines
3/8/2013 B-Movie Vault
3/8/2013 Horror Movies and Stuff
3/5/2013 That Figures
3/3/2013 Scout Cambridge
3/3/2013 Daily Dead Indie Spotlight
3/4/2013 Cambridge Day
2/27/2013 Train Wreck’d Society
2/8/2013 Citywide Blackout Radio Interview

Other Projects

Wake No More puppets

Sophia and Michael helped create Porcelain’s short film Wake No More, which premiered at Oberon and will soon be online.

still from “Staab”

Sophia and Michael directed and produced Endation’s “Staab” music video

Sophia and Michael helped produce The Anchorite’s _Not Unlike A Cage_ album

Fat – Sophia played the character Gena in the film, FAT which has just begun it’s festival run!

Sophia and Michael participated in Catherine Capozzi’s Bring Us Your Women!

We released an early, incomplete version of Sophia and Michael Celebrate the Holidays!

Parlour Bells video

Sophia and Michael cameoed in Parlour Bells’ “Bachelor Hours” music video

Sophia as Lucy Moran

Sophia starred as Twin Peaks’ Lucy in a Hallelujah the Hills music video

Sophia as a robot for Army of Toys video

Sophia cameoed in Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys’ “Pornival” music video

Sophia and Michael are twins in Izzy Lee trailer, John Smith

Sophia and Michael cameoed in Izzy Lee’s trailer for the fake _John Smith_

Michael wrote about Kickstarter for Performer Magazine

We got solar panels installed!

Sophia’s Rock Beat for 2013 – videos of local shows!

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