The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library opens for Icarus (Liars and Believers) on May 17th. is excited to announce that we’ll be opening for Liars and Believers’ production of ICARUS on May 17, 2013 at the Cambridge YMCA theater, 820 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139 (MAP).

Tickets: (discount code “MJEML” for 15% off)

See Minnie Minoseczeck’s Menagerie of Marvels, a show of amazements and abominations, traversing the land through the Great Depression! ICARUS is a tale of poverty, love, transcendence and oppression! See Passionate Penny fly through the air! Hear the mellifluous music of Icarus! Watch them try to escape monsters and machinations of all kinds! And please be warned: MINNIE MINOSECZECK’S MENAGERIE OF MARVELS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GOT A WEAK HEART.

ICARUS features an original Americana score by Nathan Leigh (Song of Songs) and the fantastical puppetry by Faye Dupras.

Conceived and directed by Jason Slavick
Music and Lyrics by Nathan Leigh Written by Jason Slavick and the LAB ensemble
Puppetry design and direction by Faye Dupras
Lighting and Set design by Aaron Sherkow
Costume design by Kendra Bell
Featuring: Austin Auh, Veronica Barron, Steven Emanuelson, Corianna Moffat and Aimee Rose Ranger

We’ve previously enjoyed opening for a Liars and Believers production, Song of Songs – a LoveRomp.

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