Porcelain (Wake No More) – Short Film

Triptych presents three performances that uniquely integrate theater, video, dance, art, and rock! NOVEMBER 14TH AT OBERON.

Michael and Sophia have been working for many months with John Langton of Porcelain on a 3-part short film/set of music videos exploring the WAKE NO MORE story of characters in a dream trying to take control of the dreamer’s waking consciousness. The video stars Anthony Conley (of the band Endation), Tad McKitterick (of Sidewalk Driver)  and Catherine Capozzi (of Axemunkee) along with a slew of other amazing people from the music/performance art world. The live performance features the band Porcelain playing the three songs to projected video, separated by two short theater pieces.

BRING US YOUR WOMEN: An homage to women, divinity, and the pursuit of freedom will be performed by Catherine Capozzi with Axemunkestra. Multiple songs will be performed accompanied by dance, visual art, and spoken word. This performance explores issues related to women, religion, sex, and politics. The focus is on tolerance and inclusiveness, strengths and commonalities – themes that are bigger than individual beliefs and are shared by the most prevalent religions on our planet including various versions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Paganism. Performers include the following.AXEMUNKEE:
Catherine Capozzi- guitar
Chuck Pukmel -bass
Yuri Zbitnoff- acoustic drums
Tamora Gooding – electronic drums
Rachel Barringer -cello
Rachel Leah Blumenthal-flute, oboe
Rachel Jayson – violaGuest vocals:
Sophia Cacciola
Johnny Blazes
Christine Zufferey
Michael J. EpsteinNarrator:
Jade SylvanDancers:
Honey Pie
UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb
Sensei Chien-Hwe
Porcelain Dalya
Penny Candy
Jane Doe
Maggie Maraschino
Liz Doran
Janelle Gilchrist
Grace, Allie and Anna
Jane Allard

Meghan Chiampa
Eowyn Evans
Kelly Davidson Photography
Jane Allard
Nina Alberg
Norah Solorzano
Kristen Schaer
Kristilyn Meow
Ishita Sharma
Angel Vera
Kristy McGarr
Lillian Lily
Leanna Schafer

Tickets available here: http://triptychshow.com/
$10 standing, $15 seating, and $20 reserved

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