So you want to be in pictures? Help us make a new music video for The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library’s “The Violinist”


We’ve had a great time crowdsourcing vocals before for The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, so we figured we’d give video a shot! We’re making a new video in which the faces of 50 (or more) people are composited together singing our song to form a single human-looking face, without any identity. What will it look like? Well, it all depends on who chooses to participate!

How can you do it? Easy! Simply download our song “The Violinist” for free below and film yourself singing along. Just like this:

You just have to set up any camera on a stand or tripod or shelf (not hand held please) straight on your face (get it as level and straight on as possible) with your full head in frame (none of your head cropped out). If you need to leave extra room, that is fine. You can film it horizontally or vertically. Hold your head as still as possible for the whole song, look at the camera, and sing along to the song. During the instrumental parts, just stare at the camera and hold still. That’s it! You can film it on any camera in any format. (A camera phone or webcam is fine.) 1080p is ideal, but any resolution is okay.

Once you have the video, send it to me via Wetransfer ( or upload it to Youtube and send me the link! If you really want to participate, but have no access to any kind of camera, I might be able to film some of you. Let me know and I will see if I can’t fill the slots with submissions.

The lyrics are:
and giant men they whisper / for giant men don’t scream / and giant faces dither
out of the ether stream / out of the ether stream / out of the ether stream

and silent women shiver / and silent women dream / and silent faces wither
back to the ether stream / back to the ether stream / back to the ether stream

Back in a smoky corner / he bows his violin / the lost all gather ’round him
hear God absolve their sins / he will absolve their sins / oh God absolve my sins
oh God absolve my sins

Giant men they point their weapons / and horses buck and rise / tears across a screeching vengeance
fists raised up to the sky / fists raised up to the sky / fists raised up to the sky
fists raised up to the / fists raised up to the / fists raised up to the sky

The song originally was put together for a scene in the MJEML’s silent film, “A Brief History of Flight”

Here is the scene:

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