Thanks to all of the MJEML guest singers!!!

Saint of Glass Worms 2012
by Walter Sickert


We had done this once before and it worked out wonderfully, so we’re giving it another go…

This particular one is inspired by a Walter Sickert inkdrip and it’s about a cult of people on Earth who worship the planet Mars and its demi-deity, The Saint of Glass Worms. It’s part of our Art Exchange Project.

The end section is just a chorus of people singing (with no lead vocal most likely). Participants will be credited and get a copy of the recording (which will be released in physical form at our show at The Out of the Blue Gallery on 9/14), and by doing it, you agree to allowing us to use your recording without additional compensation.

If you have any reasonable method for recording, you can record the vocals on your own and send them over. The ideal situation is for you to record yourself singing along to that while listening to it via headphones and send 16-bit 44.1 kHZ WAVs or AIFFs to via any file-sharing system (I like WeTransfer, for example.). The recording doesn’t need to be super “pro” – just a computer with a microphone should suffice.  As for singing skills, if you are close, we can tune your vocals.  It’s not a terribly easy part, but it’s not that bad.

We’re coming from the lost time.
We’re nothing but the sum.
From the tiny piles of pieces,
we are the chosen ones.

From the war we won’t know, what tomorrow brings.
From the war we won’t know, that peace is deafening.

We come from light to darkness.
We’re running from the sun,
to the Saint, the Saint of Glass Worms
For he’s Ares’ only son

From the war we won’t know, what our conscience brings.
From the war we won’t know, that this peace is deafening.

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