The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library “Amylee” music video release – our final stand against space dolphins May 5, 2012 at Arts at the Armory with Eliza Rickman

This revelation will be presented at Earthfront headquarters:
The Somerville-based Arts at the Armory
May 5th, 2012 at 2000 (8 PM for you civilians)

We will be sharing the presentations for the evening with Earth-supporter Eliza Rickman, who will be releasing a CD of songs recorded by humans.

The Government has already decided to declassify enough information about the Dolphinspiracy/Dolphinpocalypse 2012 (i.e., the dolphins’ 2012 takeover of Earth, as predicted by the Mayans) to reveal that The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library has been recruited as a think tank to lead the battle against the dolphin invaders from space during their synchronous space/land two-pronged attack. The CIA, NASA, Homeland Security, NATO, and the United Nations have all teamed up to determine how to stop these invaders and to create as much documentation of the successes and failures of “PROJECT FLIPOFF.” We have recruited documentary filmmaker Dan St. Germain to document our progress on the space front. We are delighted to reveal that the threat against humanity has been temporarily avert by an ally agent from the depths of the ocean.

In addition to the film presentation, we will be presenting our songs in raw, acoustic form and revealing the true stories behind them (and possibly how they connect with the impending dolphin takeover).

Here is a preview of the film about our battle:

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