The Dolphinspiracy/Dolphinocalypse 2012: The End of Humanity

The Dolphinspiracy/Dolphinocalypse Part I (of IV): 2012: The End of Humanity?

Ecco the Dolphin is an example of the dolphins
infiltrating human society and forcing us to portrary
them as “defenders of the future” and creature that
can save us. Notice that most popular video games are
M games. Dolphin games are E. That is, they are designed to
be played by everyone in order to brainwash the most
vulnerable people – OUR CHILDREN!!!
Scientists all agree that the world is due for great change in 2012 as predicted by the end of the Mayan Calendar. Some believe in Armageddon, others the Judgment Day and rapture. Some even believe that the Mayan calendar’s end simply marks the transition of humanity to the “Aquarian Age,” (video below) where we will become more like dolphins. The Aquarian believers are closer to the truth, but it’s obvious, if you look at the facts, that this transition will not be a peaceful one and will indeed be one through which humans shall not survive. 

Very few people understand how dangerous and subversive dolphins actually are and those that figure out their nefarious plots don’t often live long to tell the tale. The world was given a firm message when the dolphins eliminated Douglas Adams on May 11, 2001. (Notice that if you add the day and year that Adams died at the fins of the dolphins, you get 2012!) Adams was only age 49 and suffered from a heart attack. In reality, his heart was stopped by sonar waves because he knew too much! He tried repeatedly to warn us, but it was no use!

Ancient alien visitor skull

By now, nearly everyone is familiar with tales of aliens visiting ancient civilizations and providing them with technology. The most common image of alien visitors to the Mayans is the oddly shaped skulls. While this is clear evidence that aliens did visit the Mayans, this skull is quite dissimilar in shape to modern humans.
However, when compared with the modern dolphin, an alien creature that adapted to live underwater to stay at controlling distance, but in hiding from humanity, the resemblance becomes much clearer. We know for a fact that dolphins and whales used to live on land.

Modern dolphin skull

Dolphins have done everything they can to infiltrate humanity to create a sense that dolphins are safe and friendly. After inventing television as a mind-control device, the dolphins observed its effects on humans before creating their first major attack, Flipper

The Mayan glyph Eb, which represents a
space-traveling dolphin corresponds to
the number 12!
Not only was the show about a dolphin helping people, but virtually every statistic related to the show is a sign of the impending attack. Flipper first aired on 9/19/1964. If you add up all of the digits of that first air date, you will notice that 9 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 4 = 39 and 3 + 9 = 12! (notice that 2012 is the next year ending in 12 after 1964). The show aired for 88 episodes – double infinity! A warning that the dolphins intend to rule Earth forever. The show’s run ended on 4/15/1967 – a seemingly innocuous date until you examine it as a difference from the original air date: 9 – 4 = 5, 19 – 15 = 4, 1967 – 1964 = 3 and 5 + 4 + 3 = 12!

The show’s rights are owned by Orion Pictures. The solar system of the Orion constellation’s star Betelgeuse is believed to be the home of the dolphin creatures that originally visited the Mayans and helped structure the Mayan calendar to point to their takeover of the planet. H.P. Lovecraft wrote regularly of the dolphins working with the elder gods of Betelgeuse in his stories:

And upon dolphins’ backs was balanced a vast crenelate shell wherein rode the grey and awful form of primal Nodens, Lord of the Great Abyss… Then hoary Nodens reached forth a wizened hand and helped Olney and his host into the vast shell.
—H. P. Lovecraft, “The Strange High House in the Mist”
The arrogance of the dolphins grew with time and later versions of Flipper included more blatant ties to Mayan culture.

The 1999 series Flipper and Lopaka portrays a dolphin
befriending a Polynesian boy. It is obvious that this
boy is intended to be Mayan! The dolphin is even the
prince of “Quetzo” – an obviously Mayan name and
a nickname of Quetzalcoatl  (or to Mayans, more commonly
Kukulcan) – the feathered serpent!!
What do fins look like?!??! Feathers!

It’s not merely a single show celebrating dolphins that we’ve been hit with. Here are some of the many cultural examples of dolphin worship…

In this depiction, the light shines on the dolphin, but the child
is left in darkness to foreshadow the coming age.
Notice that even though this dolphin is intended to be friendly,
threatening red swelling appears around it.
This dolphin is shown conquering our sun and blocking
its life-giving energy from reaching humanity.
These dolphins travel left (the evil direction), but upward
toward heaven. This is symbolic of the evil takeover of
all that is holy to us.
When humans get close to dolphins, they become filled with evil.
Look at his eyes!
This comic book was propaganda to ensure that
when the dolphins come on land, children
will recognize them as friendly and helpful
and not resist their attacks.

It is very rare that there is public acknowledgment of the true dangers of dolphins, but it has happened.

A couple of websites even explore the dolphin threat:
In fairness, not all dolphins are evil and some have even taken to trying to preserve humanity by mating with humans. See the much maligned (by humans and dolphins alike): and
One woman even married a dolphin:
Soon after, the dolphin died under mysterious circumstances:,7340,L-3264387,00.html
Dolphins evolve and adapt quickly. They can shapeshift
and transform to be more human-like. It’s rare that a dolphin
is caught in the act, but this one is pictured here
changing its skin tone to be more human-like.

In summary, the dolphins have worked tirelessly for millennia to generate a sense of care and respect among humans so that they can brainwash us into allowing a takeover without having to lose any of their own in conflict. They have pitted humanity against itself and have themselves adapted from their original alien form to live primarily underwater so that when we destroy each other in nuclear war, the dolphins will remain unharmed. They control our media. They manipulate our minds. Even the word dolphin means “womb” – our mothers, our rulers. We know dolphins as sea creatures, but they were once land dwellers and space travelers. Although we think they are now isolated to the waters, not all those that you believe to be human are what they appear to be (more on that next time).

Before we go, a warning. You might be inclined to kill or harm dolphins as a result of this new information, but the fact is, they do not operate on the same plane of existence as humans. Killing them the way you might another Earth creature simply makes them more powerful and knowledgeable. In fact, dolphin killing may be the reason why we are so doomed when the dolphins do rise up. They are far too powerful! So whatever you do, do not attempt to harm a dolphin!

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library has been unable to reveal until now that our main purpose has been to write songs to help prevent (or at least delay) the dolphin invasion of 2012. We have been doing secret testing in Japan under the codename “Amylee” to see if our music could be used as dolphin-repellent. It’s too risky and controversial to do these tests in private, so they have been conducted publicly during live shows. In the video below, notice the dolphin that jumps from the tank has a small transducer attached near its dorsal fin (very visible in the thumbnail for the video). We will provide further simulation video of this project in the very near future. Filmmaker Dan St. Germain has been documenting our battle on the secondary front – space.

This attachment is playing the song “Amylee” repeatedly – not at an uncomfortable level – to the dolphin via blubber vibrational transduction. The codename “Amylee” is derived from Evanescence singer Amy Lee as we are using evanescent sound waves – “Denoting a field or wave that extends into a region where it cannot propagate and whose amplitude therefore decreases with distance” – waves that are not noticeable to those in the proximity of the dolphin – to protect humanity from the dolphin threat. In part IV of this series, we will provide technical detail on the production and propagation of these waves.

Once the waves are applied, notice what happens! The dolphin tries to escape and actually moves to land to run away before realizing that it cannot reveal its ability to walk on land in such a public forum…again why we must make these tests in a public forum.

Upcoming features in the dolphinspiracy / dolphinocalypse series.

The Dolphins Are Among Us – where did these dolphins originate and how much have they infiltrated our society? Which world leaders are actually dolphins in disguise?

Dolphin Prophecies – Ancient symbols and predictions of the dolphin age. The mystery of Atlantis solved!

Dolphin Dangers and Dolphin Physiology – Controlling calls! Deadly sonar! How will the dolphin takeover transpire? Do we have any hope for stopping them? Can we save humanity?

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