MJEML: PROJECT A.M.Y.L.E.E. Part 1 – Cancer Killing Epstein Medical Library

Michael J. Epstein vs. Eric Michael Cohen of Cancer Killing Gemini

2012 is the year of The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library’s “Amylee” – the first track of our debut Volume One. In 2012, the song will be receiving extensive remix, video, and reinterpretation treatment. The true story of “Amylee” will also be revealed.

In addition to the live video sessions recorded for My Old Kentucky Blog’s Laundromatinee Sessions and Sleepover Shows, 2012 will see the release of a Daytrotter Session audio recording, a documentary music video (outlining more about how we’re using “Amylee” to save the Earth from dolphin invasion ), a dance remix, a cover by MJEML’s oft-tourmates Golden Bloom, and some surprising reinterpretations of the acoustic indie song.

This rethink “Amylee” project kicks off with an electro-rock reconditioning by the band Cancer Killing Gemini resulting in the Cancer Killing Epstein Medical Library “Amylee (Remix)” – debuted as the:

Coincidence or conspiracy that our feature is running
the same week as the “Unsexiest Men of 2011” poll? 
Boston Phoenix MP3 of the Week (download the song there for free)!

CKG mastermind Eric Michael Cohen says of the project:

When approaching a remix, the first thing I want to be sure I can do is bring something new to the table. Taking a pop song and making it a dance song is nothing new, but blending Michael’s folk ensemble into our modern rock / electronic aesthetic held some interest for me. “Amylee” was a perfect candidate for remixing or covering: a clean, simple, vocal-centric and memorable song.

Originally I thought it would stay pretty much “in the box” (drum machines, software synthesizers etc) but once I got started, it seemed obvious that the live band should get involved. Enter Chuck, Max, Frank and Andrew from Cancer Killing Gemini, bringing octave fuzz guitars, an old Juno 106 and Rhodes Mark I, 4-piece drums and vintage SVT bass tones. In a few hours this gentle song about outer space became big, brash and ugly.

While Cancer Killing Gemini and The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library approach music from different ends of the spectrum, both share a focus on songwriting over riffwriting. That’s probably what initially attracted me to this song. I enjoyed working with Michael, the person and the musician. Hopefully someday there will be a bill where our two mismatched bands can share the same stage.

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