Documentary about MJEML’s war against The Dolphinspiracy/Dolphinocalypse coming soon…

We’ve already warned you that the dolphins are rising up against humanity! The remaining 3 parts in our shocking series about the connection between the Mayan-prophecized end of humanity in 2012 and the impending dolphin attack will be revealed soon. In the meantime, we have some tremendously exciting news!

World-renowned documentary filmmaker Dan St. Germain has tirelessly tracked The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library‘s battle against the second front of dolphin attack – outer space. As the dolphin takeover in 2012 will probably be impossible to stop before the end of the year, this documentary film is coming soon! Here’s a teaser for it (as premiered by the Boston Phoenix)!

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  • […] The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library¬†has been unable to reveal until now that our main purpose has been to write songs to help prevent (or at least delay) the dolphin invasion of 2012. We have been doing secret testing in Japan under the codename “Amylee” to see if our music could be used as dolphin-repellent. It’s too risky and controversial to do these tests in private, so they have been conducted publicly during live shows. In the video below, notice the dolphin that jumps from the tank has a small transducer attached near its dorsal fin (very visible in the thumbnail for the video). We will provide further simulation video of this project in the very near future. Filmmaker Dan St. Germain has been documenting our battle on the secondary front – space. […]

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