Sophia and Michael’s 2020 in Review

2020. Well, it's over. We could go on forever about all of the horrible suffering, much of it due to neglect, failure, and maliciousness, but we'll try and reflect on the positive things we personally found and did in a year filled with challenges. We hope this does not reflect a failure to recognize that just getting through this year was about as much as could be desired for most of us. We hope everyone stays safe as we all continue to navigate unprecedented hardship and disappointment.

We managed to shoot a few movies (or parts of movies) before things locked down or with just the household.

We also adopted an insane, senior chihuahua-min-pin-mix dog this year and he has brought us so much joy. You can follow KING GHIDORAH the Dog's exploits on his instagram!

We also got to shoot about a third of our next feature film, The Once and Future Smash before Covid shut us down. We hope to continue shooting on that later this year when it's safe(r) again!

We started a Launch Over podcast to talk about movies and what we're up to.

And, like everyone, we watched WAY too many movies - and the full run of COLUMBO. You can check out our stats on Michael's letterboxd.


In February we flew to Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC to begin principal photography on our new feature film, The Once and Future Smash starring Michael St. Michaels (The Greasy Strangler) and Bill Weeden (Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D). We are excited to continue working on it as soon as possible!




We made a movie with King Ghidorah, BLOODHOUND about how he is actually Dracula (voiced by Luke de Ayora) trapped in a chihuahua's body and all of the indignities that come with that!


We made MILKSODA, a fan-film tribute to SODAMILK (that may take a youtube dive to understand!)


Umbilicus Desidero was released this year

We created this mini-doc about Neal Jones losing his belly button.




Sophia was in a band in Boston called, DRAB in Boston who released an EP of songs recorded in 2016!

Covers for the Apocalypse

Sophia also collaborated with Tanya from Drab on a cover of Marianne Faithfull's "Broken English" for the first release from Women of Rock Records (associated with the Women of Rock Oral History Project)

Emerald Comets

Sophia also sang lead vocals on the song "Strangelands" from Emerald Comets!

Night Kisses

Our film composing collaboration with Catherine Capozzi released a record of music from shorts and other odds and ends.


Sophia also released old demos for songs written for her first band's first release, Blitzkriegbliss 'Every Day is Marked'. All demos from 2002-2006. Demos spotify link.


Bigfoot Does Not Exist! An introduction to the fundamental principles of statistics, science, and logic by Michael J. Epstein and Elana Reiser
"I wrote a book (with help from my sister) about the structures of logic, science, and statistics. My goal was to combat the tools of misinformation by explaining the necessary process for making valid claims and providing evidence. It's called, "Bigfoot Does Not Exist," but it could just as easily have been called, "Voter Fraud Does Not Exist."


An interview with Sophia was included in book, "1000 Women in Horror"


Michael again collaborated with, Izzy Lee as editor on DISCO GRAVEYARD and on a music video for Watch Clark

We acted in a zoom-film called CANDEMIC

We were also extras in a HARLEY QUINN & BIRDS OF PREY: Princess Rap Battle

We collaborated with Friday Night Films / Jim McDonough and Tim Tate on “Darling Pet Monkey” which went all around the world this year at festivals.


Alice Bag

Sophia is cinematographer on Alice Bag “Sister Dynamite” music video:



We started a podcast this year!
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My First Horror Movie Ep. 83 w/ Sophia and Michael talking about A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and The Stuff

Sophia appears on Not Suitable for Anyone Podcast to discuss Clickbait

Michael revisits Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey on podcast, The Hold-Up with Stephen Stull

Sophia, Michael, and John Campopiano interviewed by Kellen Pembleton on Kellen’s Petty Talk Show podcast

Sophia and Michael on the Indie Infestation Podcast!

Clickbait Facebook watch party Q&A archive with cast and crew from 5/30 hosted by Without Your Head


Sophia interviewed for filmmaking documentary: Microbudget Marauders Too