Sophia contributes vocals on new Emerald Comets album, Strangelands

Sophia contributed vocals on the song, "Strangelands" from the new Emerald Comets album.

From the band: "Emerald Comets album "Strangelands," is up now on bandcamp! Other music sites should have it up on Friday! This album was written and recorded in April/May during this pandemic situation. Creating music helped us get through some of this craziness. Thank you so much to my bandmates-Jason Layne, David Altman, and Timothy O'Keefe, and to Justin Pizzoferrato for mixing the thing, Carl Saff for mastering. And also a huge thanks to all the musical contributors: Bo Barringer, Sophia Cacciola, Anar Badalov, Jeff Barsky, Jeremy Lassetter, Katharine R Altman, Ryan Connelly, and Chad Shivers. Please give the album a listen, and/or a purchase if you can. We also have our Hippo T-shirts with album download in the Merch section. Much LOVE"
Reuben also talked about the album track-by-track here at i heart noise, on Strangelands: "I then sent it to Sophia Cacciola, whose vocal performance was so badass on it, that we made her the lead vocals on it."



Track-by-Track: Emerald Comets - Strangelands

Since disbanding Boston's dream psych concern Guillermo Sexo, Reuben Bettsak has been busy recording music with Infinite Room and recently the reconstituted Emerald Comets and with the Covid-19 Pandemic Reuben has taken to writing and recording a forthcoming LP, Strangelands.

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