Sophia appears on Not Suitable for Anyone Podcast to discuss Clickbait

Sophia had a great time going into a thematic deep-dive of Launch Over's horror-satire, CLICKBAIT with the podcast, Not Suitable for Anyone! Full of spoilers, so watch the film then listen to the podcast!

Not Suitable for Anyone is a podcast about cult films without cult status ... yet. Each week, I'll talk about another obscure, recent-ish horror, sci-fi, dark comedy, or genre-bending film that has gone underseen and under appreciated for too long

Episode description:

"I had an absolute BLAST talking to Sophia Cacciola. She is an absolute triple-threat writer, producer, director and released a ridiculously funny satire called Clickbait last year!

Skewering the influencer/clout chaser subculture, Cacciola's script is packed with layered humor, often combining smart social commentary with poop jokes. With influences ranging from de Palma to Argento to Cohen, Clickbait impressed me with a combination of skillful cinematography and satirical humor. It definitely picks a lane and knows exactly what it wants to be. Previously, Cacciola made Blood of the Tribades, a modern, feminist spin on lesbian vampire flicks of the 70's, along with Magnetic, and Ten with her filmmaking partner Michael Epstein. Currently, they are in post production on The Once And Future Smash, starring Michael St. Michaels (The Greasy Strangler) and Bill Weeden (Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD). Their films are widely available, and you can find more information including links on where to watch them on their website:"

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