Michael edits Izzy Lee’s “Disco Graveyard” – playing at festivals now!

Don’t be dead. The dead are dumb. Be weird.
Written, directed, produced & narrated by Izzy Lee
Produced by Steve Johanson
Edited by Michael J. Epstein
Composed by Shayne Gryn
Executive Producers: Josh Malerman, Paul Furio, Christopher D. Grace, Sarah Evans, Tom Deady, Gordon B. White
Footage & sound provided by: Videvo, Mitchp, Pond 5, iStockphoto, Public Domain
Thank you: BUFF, Chris Hallock, Team Weirdo, Sophia Cacciola, Caroline R. Maria, G.D. Dearborn

Chattanooga Film Festival - April 16 - 19, 2020 | Chattanooga, TN

Nightstream via Boston Underground Film Festival - Oct 2020 - Virtual

GenreBlast - Winchester, VA - September 3-6, 2020

Charlotte Film Festival - Virtual - Sept, 2020

South Texas Underground Film Festival - February 25 - 28, 2021

Exploring the dark and absurd with Director Izzy Lee

New England native and independent film director Izzy Lee shares her inspiration behind her short films Inspiration can be found anywhere, especially for independent filmmaker Izzy Lee who is often drawn to the strange and unusual ANTHONY HAS MORE. ♪ [CAL MOVING] >> THESE CREATURES EAT THE GREEN GRASS OF THE EARTH.

The Obliteration of the Chicken/Disco Graveyard Two Shorts by Izzy Lee

The Obliteration of the Chicken/Disco Graveyard Two Shorts by Izzy Lee. Izzy Lee is a filmmaker whose work I've gotten to know over the years and, its been a rare treat to see her mature in her craft. The short films she writes and directs always have a sense of dark fun but also injects her own biting social satire.

[Short Film Review] DISCO GRAVEYARD - Nightmarish Conjurings

I'm always a fan of anything and everything director Izzy Lee does. Her work is best described as blunt, experimental, raw, and honest. That said, I was lucky enough to check out her newest short, DISCO GRAVEYARD. Izzy wrote, directed, produced, and narrated DISCO GRAVEYARD.

Short Film Review: Disco Graveyard (2020) - horrorfuel.com

The one and only Izzy Lee (Innsmouth) is back with her latest short film Disco Graveyard; a stock footage soiree swan diving into a fever dream! Created in a punk rock, found art style, Disco Graveyard could be boiled down as such; it's a commencement speech intended for the Children of the Damned.

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