“The Taming of the Spy Who Loved Me” The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library’s Bond/Shakespeare collision for the From Denmark With Love compilation is now out!

https://mjeml.michaeljepstein.com/ was asked to appear on a compilation of James Bond themes…mixed with Shakespearean plays. What? Yes, you read correctly and here’s what we came up with:

Buy the whole collection for $007 at: http://www.vaqueroplayground.com/fdwlalbum.html

Vaquero Playground is presenting FROM DENMARK WITH LOVE, a James Bond vs. Hamlet Mash-Up of Epic Hilarity, and this compilation serves as a sort of accompaniment project to the play, which runs from May 10 – June 1, 2013 at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

Deep in heart of the jungle, there lies a creature fierce
a loner in a struggle to keep her footprint scarce
for when she hunts, she prowls with the greatest of confidence
In your wildest dreams she stumbles, for to catch her,
well you haven’t got a chance

For when she does strike and oh she will strike,
her shadow is all you shall see
But if she does like and oh she will like,
she’ll hold you no matter how free
And when she approaches, it’s best not to notice
the fire that burns in her eyes
for in its heat roasting, you’ll sure stop your boasting,
a punishment for all your crimes

she’s got a good plan to make you a man all the way down to the bone
by hook or by crook, she’ll give you the look
that turns all mortals to stone
and just when you think it’s okay to blink
you’ll see her up on her throne
all are quite certain that behind the curtain all of your secrets are known

despite diabolical schemes, not in your wildest dreams

when all’s done and said, you might wish you were dead
’cause you’re still just her cutest plaything
oh you might think it’s right, but it will be quite a fright
when you feel her clipping your wings
you can bang on your cage, but you’ll die of old age
before she let’s you sing
you can run for your life, but she’ll make you her wife
on your finger a tethered gold ring

despite diabolical schemes, not in your wildest dreams

In your wildest dreams…

In your wildest dreams she crumbles, but now she’s got you
and you haven’t got a chance
like heaven above me, the taming of the spy who loved me
Other artists involved:
Veronica BarronMary BichnerBrendan Burns, The Doctors Fox, TristeroGhost of VigodaGoliJaggery, and Martha Marin 

Here’s a video of the randomized song selection process.

…and a teaser for the play!

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