Endation “Staab” music video produced by Sophia Cacciola, Directed by Michael J. Epstein premieres on Vanyaland!

Sophia and I have made a lot of music videos of our own and we’ve appeared in many music videos made for others. Now, however, for the first time ever, a music video we made for someone else!
Endation‘s “Staab” music video features one of our TEN co-conspirators, Leah Principe, as a spirit, rising from the dead to seek revenge. We shot the video over at the awesome Studio 52 (Allston, MA)! Visions of the Unexcused even wrote a little piece on the shoot.

It premiered today on Vanyaland! Go over there and read this nice piece and check it out.

Endation is:
Anthony Conley: 4-String Guitar/Vocals
Matt Graber: Drums

“Staab” Music Video

Sophia Cacciola

Michael J. Epstein
Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Visual Effects

“Staab” written and performed by Endation
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Joel Simches
at Watch City Studios and WMFO

Leah Principe
Leyna McKenney

Tricia Smith
Donovan Johnson
Linnea Herzog
Maggie Maraschino
Derek P. Hixon
Sarah M. Josselyn
Willie Dumey
Tee Jay
Allix Mortis
Travis Moore
Justin Moore
Kristy Murnane
John Doherty
Sarah McCarthy
Emily Koomer
Devin Grace Parks
Adam Piv
Mike Kuchlewski

Catherine Capozzi
John Langton
Leyna McKenney
John Doherty

Johnny Blazes
Allix Mortis
Sophia Cacciola

Credits music composed by Matt Corrigan

Special Thanks:
Glenn Michael
Nick Grieco

Shot at:
Studio 52 (Allston, MA)

Copyright 2013 Endation / Launch Over

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