Friends of TEN: FAT – a huge success at the Toronto International Film Festival! – @Fatthefilm

We’re super excited that Mark Phinney’s Fat (IMDB) starring Mel Rodriguez, one of the most important, bravest films in a long, long time, has received a wonderful response at its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival
Read some of Mark’s essays to understand why this is such an important movie:
In terms of ties to our strange affairs,‘s song “Civil Engineering” appears on the film soundtrack (Midriff Records) (though it did not make the final cut of the film). Still, in terms of librarians, the movie also features a significant scene with Sophia Cacciola as Gena, and small cameos by “Book Shop Cutie” Lisa Battiston and “Dinner Party Guest #1” Michael J. Epstein
In addition to Sophia and Michael from TEN, Pearl Lung served extensively in many, many critical roles in the production of both films.

Mark was so awesome that on his day of press photos and video interviews, he wore a T-Shirt! See the set at Getty Images and check out this great interview!

Just some of the amazing press and response:


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