Sophia and Michael Celebrate the Holidays! (with music!) – latest musical entry: “December (Under the Covers)”

Sophia and I have long dreamed of making a full album of holiday songs for the more neglected holidays – Flag Day, Arbor Day, etc. We’ve been gradually working on this project, including a Black Friday song, a song about sparing our local turkey Fred from Thanksgiving fate, my great confusion regarding why 1976 was such a patriotic year (according to coinage), and of course, a song about how every holiday might be transformed into Hanukkah! So, with the addition of our latest non-holiday-specific, holiday-season song, we decided it was time to start putting together an incomplete version of this album, which we plan to gradually add to until we’ve covered every bizarre aspect of every bizarre holiday known to man. Thus we present to you the work-in-progress Sophia and Michael Celebrate the Holidays!

Here is our brand-new recording of “December (Under the Covers)” for your ears to use in preparation of the arrival of December, in many ways my favorite and least favorite month of the year.

We originally wrote and performed this for a special Sleepover Shows session as part of a collection of holiday songs.

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