The Motion Sick’s “30 Lives” music video in HD!

30 Lives HD (be sure to click the option to set it to 720p

30 Lives (Up-Up-Down-Dance Mix) HD (be sure to click the option to set it to 720p

I honestly am not sure why I didn’t post these much sooner, but I think it had something to do with fear of view counts. The more versions of the video we have posted, the more the view counts look smaller because they are spread thinner. Our current situation before HD was:

Official Band Upload (32,551 views)
Official Band Dance Mix Upload (24,805 views)
Blank TV upload – (9,894 views) – this is the one that comes up first in searches sadly because they have some financial deal with Youtube
Various people have posted rips of the shortened version of the song/video from DDR. This one has the most views. There are about 10 others with 2-6,000 views. (7,623 views)

There are also numerous other variations with a significant number of views and other clips that include 30 Lives that have 10-20,000 views.

So, it made me nervous to add more to the mix, but I got over it!