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The Motion Sick: Love Will Tear Us Apart: We’ve been sampled! (Along with 102 others)

Over at http://lifejustbounces.blogspot.com/2010/02/desert-island-dicks-love-will-tear-us.html, Desert Island Dicks have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sampling bits of 103 versions of Joy Division’s quintessential classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart” including The Motion Sick’s cover from 2008’s _The truth will catch you, just … Read More

The Motion Sick: What’s Your Major? Rock Show on Friday (and Saturday) – The Motion Sick’s Michael Epstein (along with Brendan Boogie) breaks world record for college busking!

In an effort to promote our What’s Your Major show this weekend, I teamed up with show promoter Brendan Boogie to pull off a practically unthinkable feat…busk at over 50 colleges in a single day. Here’s how it went down: … Read More

The Motion Sick: July 10th! The Motion Sick with Jesus and the Argonauts, Muy Cansado, St. Helena, and Kingsley Flood

Here is Matt G.’s fine flyer for this dice-based ordered event:Full Size Flyer at: http://www.themotionsick.com/themotionsick/flyers/2009-07-10-ChurchFlyer.jpg Church 69 Kilmarnock Street Boston, MA 02215 12:00 Jesus and the Argonauts 11:10 Muy Cansado 10:20 The Motion Sick9:30 St.Helena8:40 Kingsley Flood 21+ Facebook Event

The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick in Foreign Languages

You may remember a classic translation of a Japanese blog using Babelfish: http://www.the-motion-sick.com/2008/04/same-straw-raincoat-japanese-blog-about.html “With, the same straw raincoat command is made with the game of 繧ウ繝翫Α. To tell the truth, when Family Computer edition “soul 譁�ツ�#133;” 繧ウ繝翫Α繧ウ繝槭Φ繝�”on left and right … Read More

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