The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick E-mail Update 6-16-09 – Download all our music free!, Pansy Division, Cardio for Indie Rockers, and more…

We’ve got some exciting things going on!

1. Download all of our music for free and we still get paid!

2. We’re opening for Pansy Division tomorrow

3. We’ve got a song on a workout DVD

4. The Motion Sick coming to U.S. Arcades soon

5. We’ve begun super-secret work on a new recording

We’ve talked in the past about exploring new models for distributing music and still making ends meet. Well, we’ve got something new that we’re testing out. Download our music free here and we still get paid (guilt-free for you!!!):

Both albums:


The site requires a quick and painless signup and we only get paid for downloads (that is the arrow next to the song), not for streams. Check it out and download away until you’ve got it all!

Tomorrow, we have the wonderful opportunity to open for absolutely legendary and groundbreaking gay punk rockers Pansy Divsion. They’ve been rocking for a long while and have done tours with the biggest of punk bands including Green Day. They’ve just released a new CD and DVD, so check them out and be sure to come early and stay late!

TT the Bear’s Place
Cambridge, MA
The Motion Sick – 9 PM

The Fatal Flaw – 10 PM –

Pansy Division – 11 PM –


Facebook Event

For those of you trying to shake yourselves into tip-top physical shape, you can now do that with a bit of accompaniment from The Motion Sick. We are included on a new exercise DVD called Cardio For Indie Rockers. You can see a bit of video including our music and read some more at:

The North American Arcade version of Dance Dance Revolution featuring The Motion Sick’s “30 Lives (Up-Up-Down-Dance Mix)” song and video is coming very soon! Until then, you can see some of the kind of Freestyle Arcade dancing to the song that goes on in Japan, where the game is already out in the arcade. Check out one awesome dancer at: . You can also go check out some past posts about our inclusion in the 500,000+ selling home console versions of DDR (XBox and Playstation) including an interview with the fellow who programmed the dance steps for the song. Read more at:

The band has been holding top-secret meetings in a secret, undisclosed lair inside a volcano to work out the details of our forthcoming album. We plan to post some demos and some peeks into the songs along the way so that you can be part of the whole process. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog at for those updates. We also highly recommend using the RSS feed to subscribe using your favorite RSS reader:

Love, Peace, and Rock ‘N’ Roll,
-The Motion Sick