The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick in Foreign Languages

You may remember a classic translation of a Japanese blog using Babelfish:

“With, the same straw raincoat command is made with the game of 繧ウ繝翫Α. To tell the truth, when Family Computer edition “soul 譁�ツ�#133;” 繧ウ繝翫Α繧ウ繝槭Φ繝�”on left and right left and right BA under upper rising and falling” is input, there is a reverse side skill that, the remaining machine becomes 30, it is the case, these “30 Lives” that it is made that in motif.”

Now, we have another fine entry in the Babelfish goes wacky translation:

“Midnight music | The Motion Sick 

I say to them that I enlisted bad with this group, and I was already made fan. It enchants the sound, the acute letters, guitars and the voices to me. Ideal for that long trasnoches of work or design.

They are happy and releases life to the indie rock”