The Motion Sick: Pandora doesn’t like us.

They refuse to include us in their system.  Bummer.  It’s sort of tricky to decide how to feel about this.  I don’t really understand how they make the decision here.  I assume it’s a single person’s aesthetic choice.  I wonder what percentage of music they accept.  

I submitted “Jean-Paul” and “30 Lives” this time.  I couldn’t submit our first album because for some reason, there is a problem with Amazon identifying the UPC despite the fact that Amazon lists it in their catalog.  I didn’t feel like chasing down the problem, particularly after this rejection, so eh…

Dear The Motion Sick,

Thank you for your music and your interest in Pandora. There’s no easy way to say this, so we’ll just be direct: we have decided not to include your submission.

We handle a very, very large number of submissions, and do our best to make our decisions based upon the quality of the music, and whether it fits into our collection – it’s a task we undertake with the utmost care. We understand that you probably disagree with our decision and think we’ve made a mistake. All of us who make these decisions at Pandora are working musicians as well and we know that reasonable people can and do disagree all the time about the evaluation of creative work.

We wish you the best of luck in your musical career. Most importantly, we hope that this small disappointment won’t discourage you from continuing to develop your art and sending us more material in the future. One of Pandora’s principle goals is to support working musicians at all stages of their careers.

Thank you again for sending us your music.

The Pandora Staff