The Motion Sick: The Same Straw Raincoat: Japanese Blog about DDR Contest

This blog wrote about our winning entry in the DDR contest:

That, in and of itself is not terribly exciting, but since I don’t read Japanese, I had to use Babelfish to translate it, which led to the wonderful text that follows:

[ From US ] as for DDR SONG CONTEST adoption music “繧ウ繝翫Α繧ウ繝槭Φ繝�it enters”,
It is due to the American 繧ウ繝翫Α sponsorship, the adoption work “of Dance Dance Revolution SONG CONTEST 2008” was announced.

Till the Lonely’s Gone/Noel Cohen
30 Lives (Up-Up-Down-Dance Mix)/The Motion Sick

As for the adoption work the schedule which is recorded in the title of DDR which this year is sold. It can hear with the web sight of the music transmission service Broadjam which cosponsors the contest with 2 tunes.

As for today we would like to observing latter “30 Lives”. According to tune introduction comment
“Using 繧ウ繝翫Α繧ウ繝槭Φ繝� the partner you pass the life of rear 30 times. “
With it is song of the contents which are said, so, even in the lyric

Up Up Down Down
Left Right Left Right
B A Select START

With, the same straw raincoat command is made with the game of 繧ウ繝翫Α. To tell the truth, when Family Computer edition “soul 譁�ツ�#133;” 繧ウ繝翫Α繧ウ繝槭Φ繝�”on left and right left and right BA under upper rising and falling” is input, there is a reverse side skill that, the remaining machine becomes 30, it is the case, these “30 Lives” that it is made that in motif.

As for The Motion Sick with the lock band which has been active with 繧、繝ウ繝�ぅ繝シ繧コ, up-to-date album “The truth will catch you and just wait.. “” 30 Lives “are recorded also field tune 繝ェ繝溘ャ繧ッ繧ケ (as for DDR CONTEST winning a prize work 繝ェ繝溘ャ繧ッ繧ケ). Also PV is uploaded in YouTube. With the funny clip where the American high school was designated as the stage, also the choreography which is adjusted to 繧ウ繝翫Α繧ウ繝槭Φ繝� appears.

->Contest notification page(“WINNER” with respect to the right click)
->The Motion Sick official sight(sound source lyric publication)
->YouTube – The Motion Sick – “30 Lives (Up-Up-Down-Dance Mix)”(sound comes out)
Reference information origin ->GAME KOMMANDER(soul 譁�ツ�#133; other game information sight)