The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick E-mail Update 07-06-09 -Help Amnesty International, Find us a manager/label, Read history, Dance w/us at Arcades, 30k for “30 Lives”

First of all, we’ve got a great show this Friday! As with all great things, the band order for this show was decided randomly using Dungeons and Dragons dice. So, if you aren’t afraid of a few tiny kobolds and you’ve got chainmail armor or better, check out this treasure map

Church 69 Kilmarnock Street
Boston, MA 02215
12:00 Jesus and the Argonauts
11:10 Muy Cansado
10:20 The Motion Sick
9:30 St.Helena
8:40 Kingsley Flood


…and, as usual, we’ve got a pile of excitement for you!
1. Help Amnesty International
2. Find us a manager/label
3. Read our history
4. Dance with us at the Arcades
5. Help “30 Lives” get 30,000 views
6. Tips for bands!

Help Amnesty International – You can read more about it at, but we are now working with Gimmesound so that every time you download our music for FREE(!!!), some money from advertising on the page is donated to Amnesty International.

All you have to do is go to the following links to download our music

Both albums:


Her Brilliant Fifteen Demos and Scratch Tracks (As discussed in A Brief History of The Motion Sick Pt. 1):

Find us a manager/label – we have begun the process of searching for a manager and a label. Read more about it on our blog at: Feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts or leads!

Read our history – The first in a series of posts about the history of The Motion Sick is now available at: It covers the early days and the recording of Her Brilliant Fifteen.

Dance with us at the Arcades! Dance Dance Revolution X has just been released in North American arcades! Once we find a place that has it, you’ll see some video of us dancing along. Until then, here are some fine folks from Asia (where the game has been out longer) doing just that:

30k for “30 Lives” – Help “30 Lives” get 30,000 views on Youtube – at first, we thought, let’s go for 25,000, but now we’ve decided to round it up to a nice even campaign of 30k for 30 Lives! We’re hoping to get our Youtube video for “30 Lives” viewed 30,000 times and we need your help!

So, please help us pass this link around to reach goal of 30k views of “30 Lives”

vid: download MP3:

What can you do? E-mail your friends! Send out tweets on twitter! Change your status on Facebook! Every little bit helps us reach our goal of 30k for “30 Lives” and we can’t do it without you.

Tips for bands! We care about you too and want to give a little back. So, if you’re in a band and you wonder how we do it all, we’re going to start providing a series of articles revealing things that we’ve found useful in our attempts to conquer the world. The first article, 11 Sites and Services that are Essential to Bands is now available at:

Love and flowers,
-The Motion Sick