The Motion Sick: Chat with The Motion Sick on 11/22 8 PM EST

We’ll be chatting with the community at Music Game Authors about the preparation of our songs for Rock Band, our upcoming recording plans, and anything else of interest on Sunday, 11/22 at 8 PM EST.  The chat session is open to the public and we’d love for all of you to join us.

Sunday, there will be links and details at: – but, to ensure that you’re able to get in on the action, you should register before Sunday at: as the chat session will require you to be a member of their forums.  It’s a pretty painless process and if you’re concerned about giving up your e-mail address (they won’t use it for anything else), you can always use to generate a temporary address.

The chat room link will be available once you’ve logged into the forums on Sunday, but this link should work as well:

We would love for you to stop by!