The Motion Sick: I’m a nerd.

At least I was. Okay, still am. Before I get to that, I’ve got a million blog posts to write for this blog, but I keep getting distracted and wondering if they should go in separate blogs or what. I did decide to make a whole separate blog for the strange and frightening Youtube videos featuring the music of The Motion Sick, but maybe I should rethink that and migrate it over to here…not sure yet. More random content?  Less random content?  No content?  Who can say?

Anyway, nothing to do with the band, but I figured you all might enjoy this one. Here are some scans of a story I wrote in 6th grade to set up the background for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign (that’s a game for all you non-player characters) I was involved in.  This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned D&D either, see here or here.