The Motion Sick: July 10th Show at Church and I am about to be kicked out of the band and sent to fantasy rehab!

It’s true.  It’s starting to get a little sketchy.  Ever since the order for our July 10th show was selected using dice, I have been on the edge of losing it.  All I can do is make Dungeons and Dragons references.  My bandmates are scared.  My family is scared.  They think I might become obsessed with the occult and the differences between my character and my reality will become blurred.  I will run around with a dagger of light + 1 looking for goblins.  I’ll probably end up killing some weird, grey-skinned person because I think they’re actually a kobold.  Tom Hanks and I will forever be insane because of the game! (See if you have no idea what I am talking about.)

Church 69 Kilmarnock Street
Boston, MA 02215
Set Order:
1. St.Helena
2. The Motion Sick
3. Muy Cansado
4. Jesus and the Argonauts

Now I’ve just started making a flyer and it’s not quite clever enough yet, but you get the idea for now until I make it awesome:

I hope you’ll all visit me when I am held in an anti-fantasy facility for my own safety.

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