The Motion Sick: Michel Gondry draws 1/2 of The Motion Sick @mideastclub at #Rumble @bostonemissions @fender

Readers of this blog know that I am a big fan of Michel Gondry. I wrote a little entry a bit back about his director series DVD at:

So, when I found out that he decided to do a whole series of portraits, I decided that I would kill (or at least maim) anyone in my way of getting him to do a drawing of me. Well, my aggressive determination (and just luck) paid off! Michel Gondry has drawn me as part of his portraits series. He is posting them at: Mine is not yet included there, though I imagine it will be someday.

Until then, you can see it right here:

I submitted this photo taken at the WBCN Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble at The Middle East by Kelly Davidson: as the inspiration.
In addition to the drawing being really cool anyway, there are two interesting and/or wonderful things about the drawing:
1. Lots of product placement: we’ve got Fender, WBCN, and The Middle East all receiving some ink time.
2. Travis has awesome hair and an awesome beard.  I think he should grow his hair and beard to match this rendition.

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