Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: Jesus & the Argonauts, Muy Cansado, The Motion Sick, St. Helena, Kingsley Flood

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Friday, July 10th
Church of Boston

12:00 Jesus and the Argonauts
11:10 Muy Cansado
10:20 The Motion Sick
9:30 St. Helena
8:40 Kingsley Flood

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This is one of those rare bills where the bands are matched perfectly. As such, I’m just going to describe the bands collectively rather than individually.

These are all bands that care about lyrics, and using the music to showcase a story, point or message (something that gets lost in a lot of genres.) Some of these bands veer into alt-country or acoustic territory but still rock hard. My rambling point here is that this is a show that demands you to come early and stay late; it’s a five band bill of five headliners.