Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: The New Alibis EP Release!

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). The New Alibis are one of my favorite acts kicking around Boston right now. They are relatively new to the scene in this incarnation but the band is packed to the brim with veteran punk players (members have played in: Lost City Angels, The Marvels, Three Sheets, Far From Finished, Pug Uglies, & many more.) They play street punk in the vein of Social Distortion, they have big hooky chorus’ and a lot of heart.

The Noise did a great interview with them this month:

And Anngelle Wood interviewed them on Boston Emissions (7/05/09) – you can download the podcast at:

Friday (7/10/09) is the release of their new EP “Hard Promises”
at The Middle East UP
Joining them are:
Razors in the Night, Have Nots, and Burning Streets

Check out the track “Going Through the Motions