The Motion Sick: Mailing List Update: 8/8 at The Middle East (a few tickets still available), Michel Gondry and The Motion Sick, TMS @ Unicon

Hello Friends and Fiends,
-Great Rock Show at The Middle East
-Michel Gondry draws The Motion Sick!
-The Motion Sick soon to be in Rock Band and rocking out with Bang Camaro, Freezepop, and others at Unicon

We’ve got a GREAT show coming up at The Middle East Upstairs on August 8th. The show is already close to selling out, so we’ve grabbed a few extra tickets to make sure that you all get a chance to get your hands on them. You can order these directly from us via Paypal (credit card accepted as well) (with no service or shipping charges) at: This show is an incredible lineup including:

1st – Hymns
2nd – The Motion Sick
3rd – The New Collisions
4th – The Shills
5th – The Everyday Visuals

Both The Everyday Visuals and The New Collisions have made Mike’s best of 2009 (so far) list: – missing this would be foolish.

Through fate, luck, determination, and bribery, famed director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, and a million great music videos) recreated a photo of Mike and Travis rocking out at the WBCN Rock N Roll Rumble earlier this year (another sold out show at The Middle East) – check out the drawing and learn more about that at:

As you all probably know by now, we’ve been very fortunate to get a chance to have our music included in the Dance Dance Revolution video game series including the brand new Dance Dance Revolution X in Arcades in North America –
. Now, we’ve just announced that things are in the works to have several of our songs available in the new Rock Band indie store that will be unveiled some time in the next few months. Soon, you’ll be able to drum, sing, and strum along to The Motion Sick! More on that as details emerge…

…and because we love video games and video games seem to love us, The Motion Sick will be rocking out at Game Unicon – You all already love Unicorns and if you’re a male in our age bracket, you MAY even love Unicron more than Megan Fox (the jury is still out for this one). Now, you’ve got a chance to attend Game Unicon, a crazy-awesome 3-day gaming event with the tagline: “Game all day. Rock all night.” They’ve got video game tournaments, celebrity guests, huge LAN parties, and “booth babes everywhere!” …and that’s not all! They’ve now got The Motion Sick! We’ll be playing their Saturday concert headlined by Boston gang-metalists Bang Camaro! This is a rare all-ages event for us as well. Check out for pricing and more info. Tell them we sent you!

Love and Rockets,

The Motion Sick