The Motion Sick: Aquaman’s Lament

We are still working on an updated version of our Ash Wednesday’s Residency 4-song collection (poster from the event on the left).  One of the songs, “Aquaman’s Lament” has been getting some notice lately.  We even had the honor of earning a friends of Aquaman certificate (below) for our inside perspective on one of Aquaman’s down days.  We had the great honor of working with Leesa (of the band Naked on Roller Skates) to make the video for the song.

We’ve highlighted a few of the times Aquaman got into tangles with his fishy friends.  For anyone interested in a very extensive list of all of Aquaman’s chat’s, check out: – from this, we’ve learned of great moments in Aquaman’s adventures where he: convinced crabs to pinch the toes of Fire Trolls to distract them, got a giant clam to chomp on and crush magic gem, made eels form into a lasso, got some flying fish to drop a seaweed net onto pirates, requested that a shark bypassed eating a delicious-looking Flash, and got a whale to wear an alien land creature costume to trick them.  Ah, the joys of Aquaman.

Some press coverage of the song and video: