The Motion Sick: Rock Band (The Game) Network – Get Ready to Rock with The Motion Sick

Our buddies at Harmonix have announced the basics of a new system to expedite the process for bands to get their music available for play in the Rock Band series of games. They’ve got scant details currently available at: . Because people have been asking us (for years now) if we plan to work on getting our music into the game, I figured I best let you know that the answer has been yes all along, but the process was VERY slow up until now. We’re already working out the details with a fellow who will likely do the charting for us. If you recall, we did a little interview with the man responsible for the fine dance moves associated with “30 Lives” in Dance Dance Revolution at:

If all goes well, we hope to include several songs from across our catalog in this initiative and you will then be able to rock out like we do…or maybe even better.  Let us know what songs you’d like to be able to play – I imagine that “30 Lives” (non-dance) and “Jean-Paul” may be the first of our ditties to go through this process.