Boston Band Crush Archived Article: One Night Band Crush: Doug Fuller

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Doug Fuller has played with The Silver Lining, Dagmar, Chapter In Verse, Digney Fignus, A-11, a couple others. His claim to fame is that he blew off Peter Tork. No, really: He got set up to be Tork’s East Coast drummer but totally dissed him because he’s a grumpy old fart. So there.

The Boston Band Crush Interview:
BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most like to have a One Night Band with?

DF: Tribe, Ramona Silver, The Gentlemen, Lori McKenna

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most fear having a One Night Band with?

DF: Bang Camaro

BBC: What is your normal song or part writing process? Will writing three songs in a single day drastically differ from your usual approach to creating music?

DF: I only do the drum parts (with a bit of arranging) but I do like to live with a song for a while before making a record so yeah, it’ll change somewhat.

BBC: What Boston band do you have the biggest crush on right now?

DF: I recently discovered Gretel — don’t know how I missed them but I’m digging ’em. I’m due for another MEandJOANCOLLINS sighting. Abbie Barrett is the nuts.