The Motion Sick: Bret Michaels!

We of The Motion Sick are wishing Bret Michaels the best after he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage, just days after getting an appendectomy. He has grappled with diabetes, and as a rocker of the late ’80s, probably lead quite a tumultuous life. We hope his recovery is full and swift!

As you may remember, we paid tribute to Poison on Halloween a few years back – video and photos at: I have to say that stepping into the shoes of those rock rulers of fun and excess made for one of the most fun shows I’ve ever played. We had great participation and enthusiasm from our dressed-up gang of Poison-groupies, Rock of Love contestants, and hair-metal enthusiasts. It was quite incredible to have an opportunity to share the show with the audience in such a powerful way. It felt absolutely unreal. I think I spent half the time holding the mic out so others could sing along. It’s something that all performers dream about, and having the chance to experience it for one night is something I’ll never forget. I most definitely owe that to Bret and the rest of Poison.