The Motion Sick: The Motion Sick Mailing List Update 2010-05-18


We’ve got some things to tell you about:
1. Show tomorrow at The Middle East Downstairs
2. Free MP3s for you! (…and new music from The Motion Sick!)
3. Strange Youtube Videos Featuring the Music of The Motion Sick
4. Radio Sampler

Tomorrow (5/19), The Motion Sick is part of a VERY special show. It is being headlined by The Hark! Philharmonic, a 27-piece orchestra performing works composed and conducted by the very talented Christopher Pappas of some of my absolute favorite Boston Bands, The Everyday Visuals and Forest Fires.. Chris is moving out West in a few weeks, so he is sending himself off with a bang. This show will probably only happen once ever and it’s not very often that a Boston indie rocker gets to conduct an orchestra, so you’d be just plain crazy to miss it.

Just before Chris and co., John Shade, a fast-rising star performs. He has been joined at recent shows by member of Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!, The Low Anthem, and Bon Iver (John recorded recently in Bon Iver’s studio). Needless to say, you had better catch him now before you can’t get tickets.

Preceding John, we’ve got Visqueen (named after a brand of polyethylene film that United States Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge once recommended as a defense against bioterrorism.) The band is fronted by Rachel Flotard, frequent backup singer for Neko Case. They’ve recently been featured on NPR, had CNN call their last record one of the Top 3 rock albums of 2009, and have had a whole lot more media coverage. Most importantly, they are really good.

The Motion Sick has the amazing honor of starting off this night of incredible music with a set starting at 9 PM sharp!

18+ $10 adv / $12 door – 8:30 Doors

For those of you not in Boston, don’t fret! We’ve got some new music in 2010 and we think you’ll be interested in checking it out.

All of our music is now for sale directly via our website, where you will be able to buy it for less than any other marketplace site and will be able to download the songs in the highest quality. If you purchase a physical product, you will also immediately gain access to the digital version. This all shakes down at:

For a limited time, as a special treat for our mailing list readers, you can download our 2010 remix and remaster of “Winged Bicycle” absolutely free at

We’ve also got two other 2010 releases:

1. Golden Bloom vs. The Motion Sick, a split 7″ (or download) for which we covered Golden Bloom’s “Doomsday Devices” and they covered our DDR-hit “30 Lives.”

2. Novelty Songs: Volume One collects four songs that we wrote for our costumed residency at the rock club Church a bit back. The collections includes: “Surfin’ Retiree,” “Tennis Pro,” “Aquaman’s Lament,” and “I Grew A Mustache.” We’ve got some little videos for two of the songs:

“Aquaman’s Lament”

“I Grew A Mustache”

We have been having a great response to these songs and have gotten over 20,000 views of the Aquaman video…but we’re not quitting yet! We need your help! …and we also want to give you something in return. If you send an e-mail to 5 of your friends telling them they should check out the videos for The Motion Sick’s “Aquaman’s Lament” and “I Grew A Mustache” (becuase you think they might enjoy them or they are funny or they are scared of mustaches or any reason you’d like to give) by going to the URL – we will then send you MP3s of the songs for free! This is a limited time offer, so do this before the end of May. When you send your message to 5 friends, please also cc the message to and we will reply and send you the MP3s via e-mail. If you want to send to more than 5 friends, we will love you even more! We appreciate your help on this one.

We’ve got a brand new blog covering a recent Internet sensation. That is, people have come out in droves and used the music of The Motion Sick in their Youtube videos. We’ve picked the strangest ones and posted them over at Strange Youtube videos featuring The Motion Sick. These include heartwarming dogs with wheelwalkers, creepy zombie dances, and yes, horses mating (huh?). Don’t miss out!

Thanks for hanging in there, the last news we’re stuffing into this message is about our new Radio Sampler. College radio stations nationwide have been sent copies of our new radio sampler, which contains all of our 2010 releases plus many tracks from our prior releases. Call your local College stations and request The Motion Sick! If you’re a DJ or a press rep and you’d like a copy, let us know and we’ll try and get one out to you. If you know of any bigger stations that like to take chances with their playlists or have special shows where they play less mainstream acts, let us know and we’ll try and get one out to them as well!

As always, thank you for your support and for making this all possible for us.

The Motion Sick